Ms. Rebeccah

Ms. Rebeccah Muchiri

(Butterfly Class Teacher)

My name is Rebeccah Muchiri and I will be your child’s teacher this year, looking forward to an exciting and positive year with your child.
I’m a Bachelor of Early Years Education from Kenyatta University in Kenya-Nairobi. Certification from HIGHSCOPE specialized in Fine and Gross Motor skills. This is my eighth year as an Early year’s educator. I have taught previously in Saudi Arabia for three and a half years, 3years in UAE as Private teacher for small groups and 1-year teaching experience in Kenya.

I love teaching Preschoolers. My mission as a teacher is to help children discover the joy of learning and help each child develop a strong belief in his/her own ability to achieve. My qualifications and experiences with children have empowered me to be able to safeguard and protect children under my care.

I believe every child has the right to learn, grow and develop in a safe, healthy, enjoyable and respectful environment with the greatest growth when they are surrounded by caring, role models that treat each child with respect, love, gentleness and fairness.
This year we will be busy learning through hands-on activities, language and communication, discovery lessons, movement and strengthening of our little muscles and much more.
I’m looking forward to meeting you and working together towards the little one’s growth and development.

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