I was born and blessed to two loving parents, the first of many children in my family. I was raised briefly in Germany, before my family decided that Syria served the family interests more conveniently.

Soon enough, I was married and headed off to the United States of America. Having lived there for 22 years, I can honestly say it was a great experience as I taught as a teacher there in Medina School, and also worked as a teacher associate for a few years at Margaret Mead Elementary. I took a few courses at Bellevue Community College for two years before my own family had to relocate because my spouse’s job locality had shifted.

Before long, I came to the UAE, about eight years ago. Since then, I have acquired a vast array of experiences and enjoyed the culture and customary holidays here.

On the average day, I enjoy sewing, cooking, reading, writing and critical thinking. Soon enough, I gained a certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education and also an IPC certificate.
In conclusion, I am a proud mother of five and have also become a qualified teacher, where I am sure that your child will take great joy in being taught at our Bumble Bee Nursery, where Providence may shine His everlasting Grace upon us.