Ms. Marites

Ms. Marites E. De Vera

Baby Bees Teacher

From the origin of sweet delicacies of Bulacan, Philippines is my hometownwhere I completed my studies in Bachelor of Science in Secondary of Educationwith specialization in the field History at the Baliuag University, Bulacan Philippines. My first full time employment took place asa substitute for 5 yrs in Kindergarten Preschool. I also worked in our community as a Health Worker Teacher for Family Planning for up to 7 yrs. Helping people in the community and teaching has been my passion and desire. My families are my inspiration among them are teachers in different areas. My experiences have provided me with the opportunity to develop my talent,skillsand strong communication with the children, parents, & colleagues. Contributing to the company’s progress and ability to be a team leader was my fulfillment. At present, I am fortunate to be continuously pursuing my passion to build my career in education sector where I am working as a Teacher for the Baby Class at Bumble Bee Nursery. I greatly appreciate and very grateful to work in a reputable organization and productive group of people even though just started, I feel I’m home and I am very excited to handle the Baby Bees Class. I was privileged to have attended various trainings in Customer Service & Relationship Building, Effective Teamwork, Self Esteem, Learning Development, Symposium on Mental Illness, Rehabilitation Center, Community Training, Basic Life Support (Red Cross), First Aid Training (Red Cross), Hospital Training, Major Competency Area


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