Ms. Maria

Ms. Maria Fareed

Butterfly Class Teacher

To my wonderful parents, I am absolutely delighted to welcome you all to my class. Let me introduce you to myself, my name is Miss Maria Fareed and I am the class teacher of ‘The Butterfly Class’. Assisting me in our journey is our fabulous assistant teacher Ms. Ma. Victoria.
I whole-heartedly want you to know that I am here to support you and be supported by you for our little one. I invite you to work in partnership with me to provide our children with the best care and time, let’s make it a memorable one!

I’ll be sharing with you our children’s lovely activities, work and moments with you on our ICare app which you’ll be shortly notified about by our precious manager.

Having joined Bumble Bee Nursery this year and i simply can’t wait to get on board with you to begin this endearing journey for our little ones. Literally, excited!

Qualified in Cache Level 3, EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and currently pursuing the Cache level 4 Special Education Needs and Disabilities) as well as the Cache level 3 SENCo (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator) I am non-stop on my toes to discover, learn and practice the best for our children’s development and well-being. You can call me a student of knowledge for life! Born and raised in the Emirates, I have worked as an Early Years Practitioner in schools and nurseries as well as been there volunteering for pre-school programmed too.

In light of the current global situation (Covid), I do admit it can get quite challenging (or extremely challenging) at times, but please be assured, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

In case you have any queries, doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the below provided email address:
OR In case of an urgency, you can contact the manager to get us connected on a Zoom meeting for conversations and discussions.

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